About Us

Merge Inc. is a leading manufacturer of electrochemical marking machines, and consumables like electrolyte, marking head, photographic stencils, etc., which enable our clients to mark their products permanently and cost effectively. Wide range of ferrous and non ferrous metallic items and other materials such as kitchenware, hardware, engine component, industrial tools, medical instruments, etc. can all be marked through our marking system.

The company renders customized solutions for both automatic and semi-automatic processes that suit respective applications. We have successfully accomplished complete plant automation projects for chemical etching process used in marking numbers, emblems, logos, dates, serial/batch numbers and several other data, on various components of different applications and size. The company also undertakes Job work for Laser Marking and Chemical Etching, as per client specification and requirement. We developed this process in response to the growing needs of cross section of industries that require to mark metal components without the stress and strain associated with conventional marking like steel stamping.

Originating as a custom manufacturer of aerospace specification electrolyte, Independent has continually introduced and added new and progressive electrolyte and neutralizer. Today, we manufacture a wide range of products that encompasses the entire spectrum of electrochemical marking. As etching technology and applications further develop, Merge Inc. will add products to meet the demanding requirements of our customers.

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