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The Etchdrop™ Electro chemical metal marking system is an easy-to-use, portable kit which marks ferrous and non-ferrous metal and their alloys quickly, safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. The system uses a proprietary electro-chemical process, combining low-toxicity fluids with a low power supply and unique marking head design to produce superior results. It provides one-step marking (tested to international standards), requires little user training, and gives workers complete control over their work. in most applications, the Etchdrop™ eliminates the need for the highly toxic and hazardous acids that were traditionally used for this operation. The Etchdrop™ Electro Chemical Marking System has revolutionized marking and etching enabling users to carry out the previously difficult tasks of marking and etching economically and without risk to the environment.

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Etchdrop™ has the industry leading process for electrochemical marking on ferrous and non-ferrous alloys , developed by the company’s founder, a chemist. Etchdrop™ has unique electrolyte for material marking.

photo etched stainless steel medical signWe have specialized in electro chemical metal marking, working with a wide range of metals and assisting hundreds of companies in utilizing electro chemical marking. We provide engineering, design support and engage in special development projects to help customers solve complex problems.

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